Workshops are an opportunity to: go deeper into movement qualities and concepts, drill specific skills and learn about dance theory. Elise’s dance workshops often include elements of improvisation, a multidisciplinary approach and working in group.

Below you can see what workshops Elise has coming up in Brighton as well as a range of generic workshops on offer. Most workshops run over 2-5 hours, though longer intensive weekend or week-long programmes are available.

Contemporary Fusion

Contemporary Fusion Workshop is a fun & friendly space to build up a sweat and dance for the joy of dancing. This workshop gives you a well rounded dance experience, giving you a sense of energetic flow from fingertips to toes as well as through space, drawing from contemporary dance and other dance styles. We will cover: articulating detail in your torso and limbs, whole body movement and connectivity, extension and shifting through space. Awaken your whole body and feel the exhilaration of having a good old dance!

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Moving Stories: Summer Sea

When was the last time you really felt connected to where you are in the world? When was the last time you really danced? In the Moving Stories: Summer Sea Workshop, take time to be present in the beautiful natural environment of Brighton Seafront when its at its best – summer! Starting outdoors with a group of like minded people, we will notice to whats around us using all our senses, taking inspiration to use in the studio. Then we will trace our seascape inspirations in the studio through guided improvisation and we’ll dance as a group in ways that mimic the calming yet envirgorating energy of the sea.

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Attentive Improvisation

In the Attentive Improvisation Workshop we explore moving from the truest starting point – you. This medative movement workshop is time for your to check-in with your body, how it feels and how to trust your intuition. Through guided improvisation and focusing on the use of breath and weight, you will explore your internal landscape – breath in the lungs, spinal articulation, weight in the body in contact with the floor, the flow of energy in the body – as well as your personal movement style. You’ll also begin to explore your external landscape in space and connect as a group.

Find what feels good for your body, tap into your creative voice, perhaps you’ll end up somewhere you didn’t expect.

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Dancing Haikus

Do YOU like Haikus? Everyone likes Haikus. Why not DANCE HAIKUS!

An easy and fun way into creative thinking, moving and making, this workshop is for all ages, experience levels and abilities. Write a Haiku on a deeply meaningful or absurdly surreal theme of your choice. Learn the principles of interpretive dance. Dance your Haiku. Honestly, it’s that simple! Get your brain and body moving, get your creative juices flowing and stun literary and dance audiences of the highest caliber with your artistic feats! Its proper high quality dance and arts education from a professional and experienced teacher… it’s also very silly. HUZZAH! *Swoops arms into air, bends sideways and jumps like an excited candy cane*

Generating and Developing Movement

Demystify dance and the wizardry of choreography. Explore the relationships between dance, text, voice, image, body and landscape, as well as new methods of manipulating and developing movement, patterns and qualities. We will use methods from contemporary dance, physical theatre and improvisation techniques, this workshop encourages a supportive group setting where sharing and feedback is key.

This workshop can be split into 2 stand-alone or follow on workshops (Generating and Developing).

Group Improvisation

Learning to listen with your body and tune into a shared energy to improvise as a group. We’ll explore ‘flocking’ and ways of moving in synch and in time as a group, as well as improv in smaller groups and pairs using information given through touch to initiate new movement patterns, qualities and physical attentiveness.

Deepening Detail

Explore the intricacies of your dance and find something new. Learn more about your body in space, your natural movement patterns and the innate qualities of familiar movements. Learn how to subvert these natural qualities to create new and interesting movements and styles. We will learn a bit of theory, experience the concepts in our body, watch and feedback to really get into the nitty gritty of the detail. We will use this knowledge to create and develop short group and solo dance sequences that you can integrate into your personal dance practice. It’s a day for mind as well as body!

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This practical lecture unlocks infinite of movement possibilities and can deepen and broaden your dance practice. We learn about Rudolf Laban’s theories about dance, space and movement with a particular focus on space (within and around the body) and dynamics (movement qualities). Unlock habitual movement patterns, learn how your dance form works organically and learn how to disrupt this in order to create interesting new movement sequences. Applicable to any dance form or practice involving the body (i.e. yoga, acting, martial arts).

Available as a single workshop or short course.

Performance Technique

Do you want to work on your performance technique? Concentration face / Twitchy hands / Fall back moves / Flickers of panic? This workshop gives exercises for tuning into your body, deepening your awareness of your body in space and in relation to itself and clarifying your movement choices. Sharing movement material and gaining constructive feedback from the teacher and the group inform further development and refinement practice. As a trusting and respectful group we can observe, share, explore and deepen each other’s practice.


Do you want to deepen your listening skills? Do you want to work more closely with music in your dance practice? This workshop will help you break down layers of a musical track, identify rhythms, pick out accents, notate phrasing, pacing/musical arc, consider timbre of the music and the qualities of movement that suit and contrast your music choice… This is a practical lecture with space for discussion and physical exploration.

Physical Theatre

Workshops explore and develop everyday movements or objects we use in the everyday world to create physical theatre. From shoes to books to passing people in the street, simple actions can be built into complex movement and action sequences. Character and narrative work can also be incorporated if you’re up for getting silly.

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