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Workshops are an opportunity to: go deeper into movement qualities and concepts, practise specific skills and learn about dance theory. Elise’s dance workshops often include elements of improvisation, a multidisciplinary approach and working in group.

Below are a few workshops Elise has on offer, most run over 2-5 hours, though longer intensive weekend or week-long programmes are available.

Dancing Landscapes

When was the last time you really felt connected to where you are in the world? The Dancing Landscape series take participants into the natural world around Brighton – onto the beach, to the cliff tops and into the Downs. Take time to be present in the beautiful natural environment, noticing details we normally pass by day to day. Learn how respond to and recreate these landscapes, qualities and rhythms in our bodies outdoors or in the studio (weather permitting).

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Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation workshops explore moving from the truest starting point – you. Starting with the ‘small dances’ that happen within us all the time, we begin with the breath and introduce attention to pouring weight, pushing and reaching to dance freely. Take time to check-in with your body, your breath and trust your intuition. Through guided improvisation in group we explore our own personal movement styles.

Find what feels good for your body, perhaps you’ll end up somewhere you didn’t expect.

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Contemporary Fusion

Contemporary Fusion Workshop is a fun & friendly space to build up a sweat and dance for the joy of dancing. This workshop gives you a well rounded dance experience – drawing from contemporary dance, belly dance, samba and other dance styles – giving you a sense of energetic flow from fingertips to toes and through space. We zoom into explore articulating the torso and limbs, gradually zooming out to integrating whole body movement and connectivity, and extending out further into shifting through space.

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Choreology - Deepening Detail

Learning about Rudolf Laban’s theories about dance, space and movement can unlock infinite of movement possibilities and deepen your dance practice.

Unlock habitual movement patterns, learn to recognise the natural affinities with any style of dance, and how to disrupt them to create innovative new movement. This workshop has a particular focus on space (within and around the body) and dynamics (movement qualities) and is applicable to any dance form or practice involving the body (i.e. yoga, acting, martial arts).

A supportive space for watching each other and giving constructive feedback is essential to really get into the nitty gritty of the detail. It’s a workout for the mind as well as the body!

Available as a single workshop or short course.

Generating and Developing Movement

Demystify choreography. From simple starting points we can create complex, layered and beautiful things. These workshops explore the relationships between dance and (any or all of) text, voice, image, space and landscape, as well as methods of manipulating and developing movement, patterns and qualities. Rooted in contemporary dance, and drawing from choreology, physical theatre and improvisation techniques. We can work entirely solo, as a group or fluidly between the two. This workshop encourages a supportive group setting where sharing and feedback is key.

Group Improvisation

Learning to listen with your body and tune into a shared energy to improvise as a group. We’ll explore ‘flocking’ and ways of moving in synch and in time as a group, as well as improv in smaller groups and pairs using information given through touch to initiate new movement patterns, qualities and physical attentiveness.

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