Dance Teaching Approach

Elise Phillips Dance offers inclusive, honest and reflective teaching. EPD sessions focus on finding what feels good as much as being rigorous and specific with your body.

Elise is most excited by finding ways into moving and dancing starting from familiar places – your own body, natural landscapes, and patterns in words and music.

Sessions offer the opportunity to: deepen your relationship with your body, deepen your relationship with the natural and urban landscapes you live in, find joy and freedom in movement, and connect with other people and the world around you.

What this looks like in class

Support and encouragement is given in spades to empower learners to take risks, make personal breakthroughs and promote group cohesion

Differentiation is offered throughout each session, via specific instructions, attentive planning and general ethos of ‘find what feels good’

Input and feedback from students is encouraged, as is experimentation and peer learning

Constructive and specific teacher feedback is offered in all classes – too many classes offer steps but no feedback so learners don’t know if they’re progressing

Speed of sessions is dictated by group ability and is intended to be enjoyable and challenging for everyone

Safe dance practice is considered at all times – in class planning, structure & instructions given

Dance Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to go deeper into your dance and movement practice, often including elements of improvisation, a multidisciplinary approach to making and working in group.

Let's dance together

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