Contemporary Fusion


Look out for new workshop dates in Spring 2018
Time: 2 hours
Who’s it for: Open Level
Cost: £18 (£15 concs.)

What is it?

Learn some new moves and express yo self!
Contemporary Fusion blends contemporary dance with other dance styles, giving you a well-rounded dance experience with a deep sense of energetic flow from fingertips to toes and through space.
Get your whole body moving, increase strength and flexibility, learn to isolate body parts and create waves throughout the body.
Learn some new moves and just have a good old dance!

To Dance or Not to Dance? Thoughts on trying something new

In this workshop you will:

Learn some new moves and express yo self!

Enjoy a sense of flow in your body and in space

Dance with others, build up a sweat & have fun

Stretch, strengthen and deepen physical awareness, balance, and control

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