So what is Tribal Fusion?

Tribal Fusion developed out of a lineage of innovative dancers and teachers. In the late 60’s in San Francisco, bellydancer, Jamila Salimpour, developed a ‘tribal style’/aesthetic to her dance performance with her company, Bal Anat. In order to tailor belly dance...

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Dance, Meaning, Nature & You

‘Wilderness’ … The word suggests the past and the unknown… It means something lost and something still present, something remote and at the same time intimate, something buried in our blood and nerves, something beyond us and without limits. — Edward Abbey Humans have...

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It flew and was released

Spontaneous improvisation and stream of conscious writing in response to the natural environment Ive been wanting to dance in response the to beautiful Brighton sea, beach, burnt out pier and band stand for years. Today, after watching the sun set like a giant firey...

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Any more Dancing Statistics?

If you want to see photos of how the project started and has deveoped, as well as links to press and articles released about the project, visit the Dancing Statistics Facebook page: and #dancingstatistics Dancing Statistics...

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Europe, lend me your ear!

Clare Guss-West is a very interesting woman.  She is the dance moderator for the European Network of Opera and Dance (Reseo): a network of all the "movers and shakers" in dance and opera across Europe (think ENB, ROH).  I was lucky enough to be contacted by Clare to...

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Dancing Statistics films go LIVE

An innovative film project aiming to engage Psychology students through dance is currently creating a storm in academic circles. The films, a collaboration between artists and academics, acheived approximately 15,000 hits within its first week of release. The four...

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Releasing Press

Dancing Statistics Press Release An innovative film project aiming to engage Psychology students through dance is set to launch later this month. A collaboration between artists and academics, the resulting four short films use dance to visualise statistical concepts...

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