Elise is a Tribal Fusion & Contemporary dance artist. Her creative interests as a dance artist and choreographer feed her teaching practice, making it richer, more colourful and cohesive.

Watch this space for upcoming performance and choreographic projects.

Hilde Cannoodt, Masmoudi Student Troupe @ Tribal Remix Festival 2016

The Hiccup Project, The Wedding @ BDN Dance Trail, Brighton Fringe 2015

Elise Phillips, Diagonal Slide @ Tribal Cafe
A short piece using Rudolf Laban’s diagonal scale mapped onto arbitrary numeric sequences (birthdays!) to create a tribal fusion performance. Performed as a work-in-progress as part of a local performance showcase in Brighton.

Tony Thatcher, Three To Four @ Bonny Bird Theatre, Laban

Catherine Elsen, Sisyphus @ Laban Studio Theatre

Hilde Cannoodt, Masmoudi Student Troupe @ Tribal Remix Festival 2012

Rosemary Lee, Square Dances @ Dance Umbrella 2012
Site-specific intergenerational piece performed by 100 women (professional and non-dancers), choreographed by Rosemary Lee, for Dance Umbrella Festival.

Elise Phillips, Balkan Solo @ Tribal Café

Cando2 @ Fresh at The Place
Inclusive dance piece devised and choreographed by Cando2 (Candoco’s inclusive youth group).

Carnival Collective, 40-minute samba style set @ Glastonbury Festival, Lamar Tree Festival, Beachdown Festival, Apple Festival

Brighton School of Samba, parade & staged performances @ Brighton Festival opening ceremony, Brighton Carnival & Burning Of The Clocks Parade