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Elise is a producer, dance artist and nature lover. She holds a BA (Hons) Psychology (University of Sussex) and Postgraduate Diploma Community Dance (Laban Conservatoire of Dance). Elise has worked as a dance teacher in community settings since 2010 and has been dancing and performing since age four. Elise has a background managing projects in a range of sectors (including the arts, education, technological innovation and corporate) since 2002, specialising in producing contemporary dance since 2014.

Elise has always been interested in supporting people to be the best version of themselves, whether by helping them to access social/health services, manage their day-to-day lives, or engage in activities that give enjoyment and meaning. Elise discovered that dance could be a tool for achieving the same through a company called Dance United, who worked very successfully with young offenders, reducing rates of reoffending and increasing rates of return to education, employment and training. This triggered a shift to a life dedicated to dance and the arts.

There is a growing body of research* that demonstrates the positive and lasting impacts dance can have on: physical, mental and emotional health, group and community cohesion, and developing transferrable skills for education and work. Further than all the obvious physical benefits (increased fitness, mobility, flexibility, stability, coordination, etc.), dance can: build self confidence, give a sense of achievement through creating and sharing, access and assist processing of process traumatic emotions, build trust and leadership, and make and share meaning.

Whether working as a dancer, teacher or producer, Elise ‘s practice is underpinned by a desire to share the benefits of dance and arts engagement and to support strong collaborative working relationships with and between individuals.

* People Dancing and Arts Council England have excellent databases of resources on the multiple benefits of dance, you can find them here:
People Dancing, Resources and Knowledge Bank
Arts Council England, Why Culture Matters Research


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