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Tribal Fusion is a relatively new dance style that grew out of bellydance and draws influence from hip-hop, popping, locking, flamenco and other styles of physical expression.

In Tribal Fusion classes & workshops with Elise Phillips Dance, we build up a sweat and dance for the joy of dancing! You will be expertly guided in how to: isolate body parts, create waves from fingertips to toes and find your personal expression within the form – express yo self!

Strengthening pilates exercises and yoga stretches are always included to ensure your body is prepared to move in new ways, as well as a healthy dose of self love whatever your body type!


Stretch, strengthen and deepen physical awareness, balance, and control

Increase flexibility and articulation in the spine and limbs

Learn to isolate different muscle groups to create intricate detail in movement

Develop sense of fluidity and connectivity throughout the body

Gain command of dynamic movement qualities

Develop a creative voice through making personal decisions about how to move and respond to tasks in class

Learning outcomes

Learners will have a sound grip of: Tribal Fusion technique, strengthening and stretching exercises, patterns and rhythms in music, body mechanics, timing and moving in group, performance technique, and awareness of the body in space. Learners gain increased confidence, increased physical articulation, increased creative expression, deepened awareness of own body, as well as a sense of belonging within a community of other dancers and learners.

Course Content
  • Introduction to Tribal Fusion – basic isolations (including shimmies, undulations, arm waves, travelling steps), classic postures and alignment
  • Experiential anatomy, mechanics of the body, stretching, strengthening exercises
  • Theoretical knowledge about dynamics and qualities of movement
  • Intermediate Tribal Fusion technique – layering, increasing speed, musicality
  • Developing awareness of moving in a group – timing, synchronization, maintaining formations, flocking

Balkan gypsy music, jazz, trip hop, Middle Eastern beats, drum & bass – some familiar and some new sounds.

More about Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion grew out of a modern dance style, American Tribal Style, which was inspired by belly dance and other folk dance forms and costuming. Tribal Fusion was defined as a dance form in the 90’s, combining movement styles from popping and hip-hop, flamenco, cabaret and increasingly contemporary dance. Costuming plays a big part in the style taking influence from North African and the Eastern Mediterranean. The form developed alongside a close relationship with electronic music DJ’s blending Middle Eastern sounds, electronic glitches, jazz, swing and Balkan styles. Increasingly in Europe, Tribal Fusion is drawing from Contemporary Dance styles in its costuming, staging, movement vocabulary and theory.

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