It flew and was released

It flew and was released

Spontaneous improvisation and stream of conscious writing in response to the natural environment

Ive been wanting to dance in response the to beautiful Brighton sea, beach, burnt out pier and band stand for years. Today, after watching the sun set like a giant firey ship and reading people’s responses to the death of Nelson Mandella, I walked to the band stand and responded.  In my work clothes, coat gloves, scarves and rucksack (which obviously were gradually shed!) and just did it.

I responsed to the shapes, movements, and sounds of the people, cars, buildings, and nature and got beautifully lost.

I wrote this as I finished sat in the middle of the fantasticly symetrical band stand.

A child playing with he mum, climbing, running, changing directions. Two boys skating on swirls, gravelling, popping, scrapping, sudden. The sea. The sea. Light buoy. The sea. Child crus. And moans. Mother watches. Light buoy. The sea. Sun set flames. Cars vans cars motors wheels roads directions lights speeds engines. Engines. Chains. Bolts. Runners. Structures. Symmetry. Beautiful powerful symmetry. In the sea. On earth. The sea. The lines. Directional. Disjointed conflicting. Overpowering. Harmonising. More sea. The sea of car noise. Less regular and rhythmic. More frantic and deliberate. Watchers. Impulses. Stillness. Walk.