Dancing Statistics in the press much?!

Dancing Statistics in the press much?!

I’m astounded. The four Dancing Statistics films, teaching statistics to psychology students through dance, have been viewed over 35,000 times in their first 2 weeks of release! If you’ve not seen them, now’s your chance (now you know you’re missing out!) http://t.co/NgBQXVmd2I.

The project has received glowing reviews, tweets and comments from all angles of online publications and social media and now it’s getting printed press!

Dancer Track Magazine (NY, USA) will be publishing a story about Dancing Statistics within the next month.

British Psychological Society will be publishing an article about the project in their November magazine, released to their entire membership of psychology professionals across the country!

But some of the most touching exposure has been individuals blogging about how they use the films in lectures. That’s genuine interest, not just PR. (See #dancingstatistics on twitter if you’re interested to know who’s been chatting about it.)

Also, did I mention, the Dancing Statistics films have been viewed over 35,000 times within the first 2 weeks of their release?!  If you’ve not seen them, get on it!… http://t.co/NgBQXVmd2I

—UPDATE 14.03.2015 —

The Dancing Statistics series have been viewed over 120,000 times to date! Phenomenal!